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The hot weather will be here soon, so be prepared and schedule your AC tune-up or repair with the experts at Air Authority.

  • Service calls starting at just $49
  • Tune-ups only $89 per system
  • Worry free maintenance plans starting at $169 per system

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Turn To The Experts

Air Authority LLC will provide you with the best air conditioning repair service in the San Antonio area. Our values include a strict code of honesty, professionalism, and respect. We will always be upfront and direct with you about the extent of your AC repairs and costs. And, as professionals who take pride in our work and the services we offer, we promise to always respect your time and your home.

woman sweating inside office because of a broken ac system

HVAC Contractor in San Antonio

During those hot Texas days the last thing you want is to have to worry if your air conditioner is going to make the cut. As it starts to work overtime, an older machine or unit will face more and more stress. When you own an older home with old wiring, piping, and HVAC units, you’re bound to run into some troubles. That’s where Air Authority LLC comes in! 

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You Can Trust Air Authority LLC

When your air conditioning unit is not working properly, you just want to have it repaired and go on with your life smoothly. You don’t want an ordeal, and you certainly don’t have time to wait around for a repair person who arrives late. We always make sure we arrive promptly at the scheduled time with a truck fully stocked with all the tools and equipment that we will need to repair your faulty AC system.

Do You Struggle With A Sluggish HVAC System?

  • Is Your Home Hotter Than You Like?
  • Would You Like To Decrease Your Home Energy Cost?
  • Are You Suffering From Allergies and Pollen In Your Home?
air authority ac and heat truck
air authority ac and heat truck

"Air Authority, LLC provides maintenance to all our systems including our home and business. They are trustworthy and honest with their pricing and servicing. We recommend them for any AC & Heating needs."

- Robert H.

Check These Items Before you Call


Check your Thermostat

Make sure it’s set to COOL.


Check the Return Air Filter

A dirty filter prevents proper airflow and lead to issues like system freezing and stripped blower motors. Replace the filter and see how the system reacts.


Check the Circuit Breaker

A/C won’t turn on? A power surge may have tripped its circuit breaker. Go to your electrical panel and check the breaker. It is tripped? Turn it to the OFF position, then ON. If the breaker trips again, contact us immediately! This means that there is a problem elsewhere and a professional needs to be involved.


owners of air authority in san antonio
owners of air authority in san antonio

We look forward to providing you with great service!

If you’re tired of spending hundreds in high energy bills, maybe it’s time to have your HVAC system serviced. Air Authority LLC offers the best AC Maintenance Services in San Antonio.

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