Ductless Mini-split

Ductless Mini-Split Schedule HVAC Service Call (210) 290-8270 San Antonio Ductless Mini-Split, Say Goodbye to Bulky Duct Systems Going ductless doesn’t involve going through a major renovation. Fact is, there’s very little mess at all. Nor does it mean sacrificing a room with a view to a bulky window unit. Instead, a ductless heat pump … Read more

Home Automation

Home Automation Schedule HVAC Service Call (210) 290-8270 In 1902, a determined engineer answered one of mankind’s most nagging questions: How do we make hot, sticky, indoor air go away? In creating the world’s first modern air conditioner, Willis Carrier forever changed indoor life. More than a century later, the company that bears his name … Read more

Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation Schedule HVAC Service Call (210) 290-8270 San Antonio Attic Insulation – Efficient Installation for Your Home Is your home under-insulated? If you think it is and you want to be sure, hiring an insulation expert will do the trick. Here at Air Authority LLC, we also offer insulation services along with our renowned … Read more


Duct Repair & Replacement Schedule HVAC Service Call (210) 290-8270 San Antonio Ductwork Repair- Improving Air Distribution in Your Home Your air duct system is responsible for distributing the air throughout your home and returning it back to your cooling and heating system. Improperly sized ductwork, inadequate return ductwork, and ductwork leakage can decrease the … Read more


New Construction Schedule HVAC Service Call (210) 290-8270 If you are a custom home builder or managing the construction of your own home we will work closely with you as an HVAC Contractor in San Antonio to ensure the air conditioning system is properly designed and installed. From the design phase to the finishing touches we will … Read more

Heater Repair

Heater Repair Need your furnace or heat pump repaired now? Give us a call for top notch customer service. Our trucks are right around the corner. Schedule HVAC Service Call (210) 290-8270 The Air Authority Heater Repair Experience… Schedule a Repair Contact us online or call us at (210)290- 8270 to request a repair. You’ll talk to … Read more

A/C Tune Up

It’s Time to Tune-Up Your Air Conditioner Schedule HVAC Service Call (210) 290-8270 A poorly-running air conditioning unit can quickly become a costly, uncomfortable problem. We know how much you depend on your air conditioner to run properly during the hot days here in San Antonio, Texas. Just like your vehicle, your AC unit needs … Read more

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Schedule HVAC Service Call (210) 290-8270 Indoor Air Quality in San Antonio – Keeping Dust and Odors at Bay According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 90% of Americans spend the majority of their daily life indoors. Airborne debris like dust, odors, and pet dander cause poor indoor air quality (IAQ). Having … Read more

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Schedule HVAC Service Call (210) 290-8270 Air Duct Cleaning What is your family breathing? The Environmental Protection Agency has ranked poor indoor air pollution among the top 5 risks for public health multiple years in a row. Without even knowing, your air duct system could be contaminated with particulates that are harmful … Read more

A/C Repair

AC Repair Experts in San Antonio Schedule HVAC Service Call (210) 290-8270 Let Our San Antonio TX AC Contractor Take Care of Your Needs At Air Authority LLC, we will provide you with the best air conditioning repair service in the San Antonio area. Our values include a strict code of honesty, professionalism, and respect. Our friendly certified … Read more