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AC and Heater Repair Services in San Antonio

Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company specializes in commercial and residential AC repair and heater repair services in San Antonio for new and old units. The last thing you want is to worry about your AC or heater going out or having an emergency. As it starts to work overtime, an older machine or unit will face more and more stress. When you own an older home with old wiring, piping, and older climate systems, you’re bound to run into trouble. That’s where we come in! Air Authority professionals will repair your HVAC unit or heater to keep your units running efficiently. Call us for an estimate, or troubleshoot the issue first by reading our FAQ Page, which answers your most-asked questions about AC and heater issues.

HVAC worker performing maintenance on a mini split unit outside of a house

Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company is San Antonio’s AC and Heater Replacement Experts

If you’re tired of spending hundreds of dollars having your air conditioner or heater repaired, maybe it’s time to start thinking about replacing your unit altogether. Living deep in the heart of Texas will put your AC and Heating units to the test. With over 30 years of combined experience, Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company offers the best AC and Heater replacement in San Antonio. We provide affordable Heater and AC Replacement in San Antonio with finance options. Get a quick, same-day estimate to help you determine if your unit may need to be replaced.

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