Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company Repair San Antonio is your best option when your air conditioner malfunctions or breaks down. Let’s get straight to the point— our HVAC company offers clients from San Antonio, Texas air conditioner repair services for all makes and models. Some HVAC service providers will only fix a certain brand, but Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company technicians have both the knowledge and experience in handling all brands of air conditioners. Prompt air conditioning repair can get your cooling system back to proper working order. No matter what kind of AC you have, our technicians can fix it or install a replacement.

Calling us is free of charge. We can give you a rough estimate once you call us. Usually, it would just cost you 49 USD for an AC tune, but it depends. You can book a schedule and we will go to your place and diagnose the problem. You can call us or go to this link.

Professional San Antonio AC Service Technicians

Our expert technicians will give you an assessment of how much it will cost you and we will make sure it’s honest and reasonable. Everything will be transparent and broken down to you, the client. We will give you our recommended solutions but we will also give you alternatives that would fit your budget and time frame.

We will check your thermostat operation, filter, drain, panels, ducts, coils, temperature split, disconnect, fuses, wirings, electrical connections, pressure controls, relays, circuits, voltage, and amperage, among many others. We will be giving your AC a thorough check-up so that you are sure that you know the actual current status of your AC system. Only experts can determine the real reason why your AC system is not working properly.