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    The Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company Heater Repair Experience…

    maintenance man installing a furnace
    Before you call, try these quick fixes:

    Check your thermostat

    Make sure it’s set to heat.

    Check the return air filter

    A dirty filter prevents proper airflow and leads to issues like system freezing and stripped blower motors. Replace the filter and see how the system reacts.

    Check the circuit breaker

    The heater won’t turn on. A power surge may have tripped its circuit breaker. Go to your electrical panel and check the breaker. Is it tripped? Turn it to the OFF position, then on. If the breaker trips again, contact us immediately! This means that there is a problem elsewhere and a professional need to be involved.

    Check the gas valve

    The gas valve to your furnace may have accidentally been shut off during the summer. Make sure this is turned on or your furnace will not heat.

    We also have other services such as AC repair and affordable AC tune-up in San Antonio Texas.