San Antonio, TX has hot summers, and our usual instincts are to button up our homes and businesses to let our air conditioners do their jobs. It’s a necessary step, but it can leave your indoor air feeling stagnant and stale. Germs and cold bugs can circulate very easily in a closed building, while dust and other contaminants spread very easily when your air conditioner is running.

The solution is to install an air purifier in your home or business with help from the professionals at Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company. With it in place, you’ll see a huge drop in instances of illness, your air will feel fresher, and you may even help your heater and air conditioner perform a little more efficiently. Contact our trained staff today to learn more about it. You’ll be glad you did!

When it comes to air purifier services in San Antonio, TX, you can count on Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company.

How Does an Air Purifier Work?

Air purifiers fall into several categories, any or all of which may be suitable for your San Antonio, TX home or business. The simplest ones use screens to filter out the particles in the air. More sophisticated models ionize the dust and cause it to stick to a containment chamber, and UV air purifiers use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and germs. Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company has the skills to install any of these systems properly. More importantly, we can make suggestions on specific air purifiers to suit your unique needs, and we provide maintenance, repair, and replacement service in addition to installation!

Who Benefits from An Air Purifier?

Everyone can benefit from air purifiers, but they do the best in homes with vulnerable residents. This can include but is not limited to, homes with newborn infants, homes with elderly family members, and homes with people suffering from asthma and similar conditions. Businesses, too, benefit a great deal from air purifiers, not only because they make the building feel fresher for employees and customers, but because it helps protect important components like computers. Considering the high amounts of dust that San Antonio, TX experiences, it pays to contact professionals like the ones at Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company to see how an air purifier can benefit you!

We’re Here for All of Your Air Purifier Service Needs

Most companies that install air purifiers will finish the job and leave it at that. But at Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company, we want to be a part of the solution throughout every stage of your air purifier’s life. That means being ready to go with repair services whenever you need them, as well as providing regular maintenance to keep the system from breaking down in the first place. It means knowing when and where a replacement system is necessary and performing all duties with the professionalism and care that you expect. If you live in San Antonio, TX, or you own or operate a business there, reach out and contact us to see how an air purifier can help you!