San Antonio Ductwork Repair- Improving Air Distribution in Your Home

    Your air duct system is responsible for distributing the air throughout your home and returning it to your cooling and heating system. Improperly sized ductwork, inadequate return ductwork, and ductwork leakage can decrease the efficiency and lifespan of your system. Additionally, it can result in cold and warm spots in your home creating discomfort and that’s where our team can assist with Duct Work in your San Antonio home. We properly design, install, and balance your ductwork system to improve system performance and save you money. We can also help you take advantage of the ductwork rebate programs offered by your utility company. Contact us for an evaluation.

    Quality Air Ductwork Cleaning Service in San Antonio to Keep Air Quality in Check

    Signs that you need duct repair or replacement

    Keep an eye and ear out for these signs:

    Hot and cold spot

    If you notice some parts of your home are cooled or heated and the air is not properly distributed anymore, this could be a sign that your ducts are leaking or worse, they have collapsed.


    If the ducts are clogged or leaky, they will create certain noises such as whistling, hissing, creaking, rumbling, or flapping.


    If your energy is skyrocketing, it could be a sign of fault ducts in your HVAC.

    Whether you need an air duct replacement or repair, Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company will guarantee you that through our service you will get back the comfort that you deserve. We will also provide you with better efficiency that will save you more money in the long run for the heated or cooled air.

    Why Choose Us

    Our duct repair here in San Antonio will have your AC working again in no time. Thanks to our team of recommended duct specialists that never fail to deliver great work all the time. And because of this, we have been the go-to place for San Antonio duct repair due to the great reviews and satisfied customers that we have had over the years.

    Affordable Price

    Here at Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company, we offer affordable prices for our duct replacement as well. Rest assured that you will have the best ductwork once again with our help.

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