It’s the dreaded first cold day of the year. You eagerly turn on the heat only to find the furnace is blowing cold air. Before calling your HVAC repair service, assess these 5 things that could be causing your furnace to blow cold air.

What is the thermostat setting? The thermostat could have an incorrect setting. If someone in the home changed the setting to ON, the fan will continue to blow without providing the space with warm air. Confirm that the thermostat setting is set to AUTO.

If you have oil heat, do you have enough fuel? An oil-burning furnace will blow cool air if it is out of fuel. If the oil filter is dirty, it can also impact ignition, resulting in cooler air.

Have you replaced the air filter lately? It’s recommended to replace the air filter monthly. Compromised airflow due to a dirty filter could cause the furnace to overheat, shutting down the burner. Replacing the air filter and restarting the furnace could be all you need to do.

Is the pilot light on? If the flame is blown out, try relighting the pilot on the furnace. If it won’t light, you may have a gas valve that needs repairing. Sometimes a gas valve can collect dirt and dust if it isn’t maintained properly. It is recommended that you have your HVAC system cleaned and maintained by a professional at the beginning of each season.

Are your ducts leaky? Leaky ductwork can allow heat energy to escape. By the time the air reaches your living space, it has lost all warmth. Duct leaks will need to be identified and repaired by a qualified professional.

Many HVAC problems can be avoided with routine cleaning and maintenance. Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company is San Antonio’s preferred HVAC repair and maintenance service. Call Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company today to schedule a check on your HVAC system.

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