Having a sunroom in your home is a luxury. Sunrooms are great places to relax, clear your mind, and even entertain your guests. What a lot of people don’t understand is that sunrooms come with a downside each summer. If you own a sunroom, you know that keeping it cool during the summertime is quite a struggle. Below you’ll find a few tips on how to keep your sunroom cool during warmer seasons.

Get Shades Installed

Installing window shades into your sunroom can come in handy during the summer. Not only will they deflect a lot of the heat that could be entering your sunroom, but they can add a sense of privacy in the evening and at night. Shades or blinds also offer flexibility as you can open and close them as you please.

Run the Ceiling Fan

If your sunroom contains a ceiling fan, keeping it running during the summer can be effective in keeping the space cool. Although, if your sunroom lacks a ceiling fan, portable fans can do just as well when it comes to keeping the air circulated and cooled. The combination of running your fan as well as having shades installed will make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your sunroom at a comfortable temperature.

Insulate Your Windows

Getting your windows insulated not only keeps heat from entering your sunroom in the summer, but it will also keep the cold from entering your sunroom in the winter. The downfall is that tinting or insulating your windows will block some of the light from entering your sunroom, which, for many, defeats the whole purpose of having the room in the first place.

Install a Zoned System

Having a ductless mini split is also a great route you can take when it comes to keeping your sunroom cool. Although, you might only want to take this route if you don’t plan on extending your existing HVAC system. Not only is it a cost-effective route, but you’ll be able to set your temperature in the room for when it’s in use and when it’s not in use.

Keep Your Sunroom Cool

With these tips on keeping your sunroom cool during this warm summer, you’ll be able to relax while catching some great Vitamin D without struggling to stay cool.

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