Do you need a new air conditioning system for your home or business? If so, the universe is against that happening. Availability of equipment and material, and multiple price increases have complicated this process for both the customer and contractor. Why is this happening? In our opinion…no one seems to have a good answer. Here is a list of reasons relayed to us by the manufacturers:

  • COVID Pandemic (obvious answer)
  • Microchip shortage
  • Unexpected demand
  • Raw materials shortage
  • Supply chain issues
  • Labor shortage
  • Shipping issues (specifically container ships and port issues)
  • Solar flares (just kidding)
    • The bottom line is we live in a global economy with a complex web of material providers, shipping, and manufacturing. And right now, the web is tangled.

      So, what does this mean if you need a new air conditioner? First, be proactive. If your system is on its last leg, we suggest you do not wait until it finally gives out. The sooner you pick your contractor and agree on a scope of work, the sooner you can get in the queue for the next available equipment. Second, be open to “equal-or-better” substitutions. For example, many manufacturers sell their products under multiple brand names. The difference between brands from the same manufacturer is usually just the color. We have substituted Bryant brand equipment for Carrier brand equipment on multiple occasions. The efficiency, performance, and warranty are the same.

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