When the summer sets in, your air conditioner becomes one of the most vital appliances in your home or business. No matter how hot it gets, your air conditioner keeps your indoor living space cool and comfortable. However, if you are like most homeowners, you may assume that your cooling unit is in good condition as long as it’s running. But like any other mechanical appliance, your air conditioner requires routine maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. By scheduling routine tune-ups with a professional, you’ll enjoy the following seven benefits.

1. Improve Your Energy Efficiency

After years of using your air conditioner, it will exhibit signs of wear and tear. As a result, your air conditioner has to work harder to keep every room in your building comfortable. Plus, the accumulation of dirt and dust over time negatively affects the efficiency of your system, and this leads to a gradual rise in your monthly energy bills. Even if it’s a slight drop in efficiency, you may spend a considerable amount of money for less cooling.

Professional air conditioner tune-up is critical in improving the energy efficiency of your unit, saving you up to 30% of your cooling costs. During routine maintenance, a technician cleans your cooling system and ensures everything is in good condition. This ensures that your unit works at maximum efficiency throughout the hot days because it doesn’t have to strain.

2. Enhance Indoor Air Quality

The primary function of HVAC air filters is to keep dust and debris from harming the internal components of your unit. However, these filters also capture contaminants that would otherwise be recirculated throughout your home. Besides keeping your space cool, your air conditioning unit keeps the air fresh and clean. However, if you skip routine air conditioner maintenance, you’ll notice a significant drop in indoor air quality (IAQ). Poor IAQ can cause respiratory problems and possibly trigger severe asthmatic and allergic reactions.

As part of regular maintenance, a professional will change out dirty air filters. This way, the filters work to their potential, filtering out dust and allergens. Proper air conditioner tune-up also ensures there is excellent ventilation in your house to minimize stale air.

3. Extend The Lifetime of Your Air Conditioner

Some people skip routine air conditioner maintenance because they believe it’s too expensive. Although professional air conditioner tune-ups come at a cost, they may save you money by extending your unit’s useful life. Besides, a cooling unit is a significant investment, so you want to get many years out of it.

Many air conditioners can last about 10 to 15 years. But your unit may barely reach 10 years if you fail to schedule routine tune-ups. Wear and tear on vital components and failure to replace failing parts will likely lead to premature system breakdown. Therefore, preventative maintenance is an effective way of adding some years to your cooling unit’s service life.

4. Maintain Your Warranty

You’ll most likely get a manufacturer’s warranty when buying a new air conditioner. Although the details in the warranty agreement may vary for different brands, most of them provide coverage for essential components. However, in order to keep your warranty valid, manufacturers require you to get annual air conditioner maintenance from a professional.

You could void your warranty if you don’t schedule tune-up services with an expert. Also, if you perform the maintenance yourself, you’ll incur the cost of repairs or replacement. Therefore, make sure you take proper care of your air conditioner through a technician. After every routine tune-up, a professional will provide documentation proving that you’ve serviced the unit correctly. The price you pay for maintenance may save you thousands of dollars in a scenario where your unit needs repairs or replacements.

5. Fewer Repairs

Minor issues in your air conditioner can easily go unnoticed, especially if your unit is still doing its job. But this does not mean that the minor problems aren’t causing any damage to your system. The longer you wait to have your unit serviced, the higher the chances of having an emergency malfunction in the middle of the summer. Preventative maintenance will help tackle minor issues before they become bigger and costlier problems.

An experienced technician will spot potential issues early enough during routine AC maintenance and recommend a solution. They may also be able to fix the problem during the maintenance visit, leaving your unit in good condition. Since some issues snowball into a bigger problem or even cause another issue, tune-ups can help you avoid repairs throughout the cooling season. This way, you’ll avoid the inconveniences of dealing with a malfunctioning air conditioner and save money that you would have had to spend on larger repairs.

6. Keep You Safe

Another benefit of routine air conditioner maintenance is to ensure your unit operates safely. Neglecting your air conditioner may cause severe problems that can lead to accidents. For instance, if there is an electrical fault, it could lead to electrocution or fire hazards.

By having an experienced technician inspect and service your air conditioner, they will prevent these issues before they cause harm to you, your family, and your property. A professional will spot any faulty electrical connections and make the necessary fixes to prevent severe safety issues down the line. In addition, they will address any moisture issues that can lead to mildew and mold growth that can be a health concern to your loved ones.

7. Less Humidity

Too much humidity in your house makes you feel uncomfortable and sticky. If this is the case in your home, it’s likely that your air conditioner isn’t functioning correctly. Although your unit’s primary job is to cool your indoor environment, it also reduces humidity levels. The process involves passing air over the coils, where water vapor condenses and drains outside. Scheduling regular maintenance will ensure your cooling system is not contributing to a humidity problem in your home.

Your Reliable Maintenance Team

Routine air conditioner maintenance is the best bet that your unit will serve you well throughout the hot months. Also, you may not want to wait until the summer to schedule air conditioner maintenance. Instead, call a technician in the early months of spring. This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your unit is ready for the hot weather ahead.

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