Selma is a good place to raise a family or start a career, thanks to the quiet neighborhoods and growing economy. Chances of being a victim of violent crime here are also very minimal, and that adds to the beauty of the town. Additionally, Selma heating and air conditioning companies are available to ensure you always have good air quality around you even when you’re indoors. One of those companies is Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company which takes pride in delivering quality services at affordable prices.

Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company Attributes Experience

With over 30 years of experience in service delivery in the sector, we are one of the most reputable Selma heating and AC companies you can find in the Texas region. We have a good management team as well as technicians who work together to ensure every client’s exact needs are met.

Customer Retention

Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with you and, as such, will not do anything that damages your trust in us. While some heating and AC companies in Selma TX value instant profits more than client satisfaction, our company prioritizes its customers.

Employee Retention

Other than building long-lasting relationships with you, we are also one of the few Selma heating and air conditioning companies that strive to work with the same employees for longer. We know that our employees are the point of contact with our clients. As such, we try to ensure they are qualified enough to deliver the best services when you need them.


Using and maintaining HVAC systems can be very expensive, but we try to reduce those expenses however we can. We give free consultations for second opinions as well as free quotes to allow our customers to get the best services with less money.

When looking for Selma heating and air conditioning companies you can trust, Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company is at the top of the list. Call us today for more information and better experiences that other heating and air conditioning companies in Selma TX cannot provide.