Air conditioning and heating systems are responsible for a large percentage of your energy bills every month. Heating and cooling your whole home use up a lot of electricity and can use up even more if heat can move through the walls and the attic with ease. In the winter, heat can escape from the home, and in the summer, heat can move into the home too easily, causing your heater or your air conditioner to become overworked. Insulation materials slow the transfer of heat so that your heating and air conditioning systems don’t have to work so hard. Call our expert technicians in San Antonio to learn more!

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The Benefits of Blown–In Insulation

Blown–in insulation just means that a technician uses a blowing machine to move fiberglass into an attic or a wall cavity. Installing loose–fill fiberglass in this manner allows a technician to see which areas of the attic need more insulation and which areas already have enough. With the right amount of insulation, you may notice the following benefits:

  • Reduced heating costs: Insulation makes it difficult for heat to move out of the home, which can improve the performance of your heating system and lower your monthly costs.
  • Reduced cooling costs: It’s a misconception that insulation is only good in the winter. In the summer, it stops heat from moving into your home from the attic, which can greatly lower your bills by reducing strain on the AC.
  • Comfort: When your heating and air conditioning equipment can work more effectively, you feel more comfortable!
  • Longer system lifespans: Because the system doesn’t have to work so hard with adequate insulation in the home, your heater or air conditioner may last for longer!

When to Call a Professional

We do not recommend installing insulation as a DIY project. First, the equipment you need to put in the loose–fill fiberglass is costly, even to rent, and it can be difficult to use. Second, improper insulation may not do much for your energy bills. If you don’t put enough insulation into the attic, it might not be effective in keeping heat from building up in your home.

Finally, installing insulation on your own may be unsafe. If you don’t seal up the attic properly, you might worsen your indoor air quality. And going up into your attic comes with enough risk, as the attic may not be the most stable of locations.

Let Us Help You Save With Blown–In Insulation

Contact our friendly professionals for insulation services, and you will see why so many of our customers never call another home service company again! We will find out where there may be inadequate insulation in your home, and we will get you enough insulation so that you can save some money and reduce the strain on your air conditioning system. The insulation materials we use are effective in limiting heat exchange, and our methods see to it that your indoor air quality does not suffer.

Call our team of professionals today! We’ve been in the business a long time, and we know just what to do to help you save on your monthly bills. We provide continuous training for all of our technicians, and we can guarantee the quality of our work. Contact Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company for quality insulation services in San Antonio!