5 Things to Assess When Your Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

The furnace is blowing cold air

It’s the dreaded first cold day of the year. You eagerly turn on the heat only to find the furnace is blowing cold air. Before calling your HVAC repair service, assess these 5 things that could be causing your furnace to blow cold air.  What is the thermostat setting? The thermostat could have an incorrect … Read more

How Your HVAC System Can Help Prevent the Transmission of Airborne Viruses

Transmission of Airborne Viruses

When someone sneezes, coughs, or even talks, micro-sized respiratory droplets are released into the air. These droplets come with all sorts of germs attached, including highly contagious and infectious viruses. They settle on things people use every day like a cell phone, doorknobs, light switches, and the computer. According to scientific studies, these droplets and … Read more

Is Humidity Control Important?

Condensed water dropsHumidity Control HVAC

When thinking about the air quality in your home, many people don’t think about the humidity levels. But just like anything else, having too much or too little humidity in your home can cause all sorts of problems, especially with the health of those living under your roof. Your AC System does play a large … Read more