When it comes to home upkeep costs, replacing your AC system is a major investment. Therefore, you should make an effort to extend the useful life of your system by following the recommendations below. The phrase useful life is important because trying to salvage a 15-year-old system that uses an obsolete refrigerant is most likely not in your best interest.

  • Regular Air Filter Replacements – Air filters not only keep the air in your home clean, but they also help keep the internal components like the coil and fan clean. Dirty coils and filters reduce the airflow through the system, which decreases the cooling and heating ability, decreases efficiency, and can lead to compressor failure.
  • Regular Maintenance by A Professional – Just like bringing in your car for tune-ups and oil changes, regular tune-ups by a licensed contractor can help extend the life of your AC system. Routine items like cleaning the outside condenser coil reduce strain on the system and making small repairs on degrading components can prevent larger catastrophic failures. For example, a technician finding a system low on refrigerant can be addressed before it results in a frozen coil or a damaged compressor.
  • Upgrades – There are several upgrades available that are meant to extend the life of an air conditioning system by either reducing the electrical strain on the system or reducing the run time. A compressor saver is an electrical device that gives your outside unit a boost during start-up to lower the electrical impact. A Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat saves you energy by running the air conditioner only when you need it. This saves you from putting unneeded “miles” on your system.
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