The Value of Variable Speed AC Systems

person turning Ac down

What is the Value of Owning a Variable Speed AC System? Like most other products for your home, the technology for air conditioning systems has vastly improved over the last 10 years. The efficiency of systems have improved, thermostats have become smarter, and even the refrigerant has been updated to be more environmentally friendly.  One … Read more

AC System Warranty Plans VS. Maintenance Plans

person holding ipad showing ac warranty

What Does an AC System Warranty Cover? Warranties can fall under a lot of descriptions but as a rule of thumb, a warranty of your new HVAC system covers all the parts, and in some cases labor and refrigerant and even service fees if the correct extended warranty is bought in conjunction with your new … Read more

Not All Ductwork Systems Are Created Equal

one kind of ductwork systems

What Does a Ductwork System do? The ductwork system (also called an air duct system) is responsible for distributing the conditioned and filtered air throughout your home and returning it back to your heating and cooling equipment. Properly installed ductwork will maintain an even temperature throughout the home, have minimal air leakage, and produce a … Read more