Know What Kind of System You Have

It’s a good idea to understand what type of heating system you have in your home. Most systems in San Antonio will either be a furnace or heat pump, but other types of systems do exist. The type of system dictates the preparation needed to make sure your system is operational and safe. Also, if you need to make a service appointment with a professional, you can give them better details about the system.

Test the System Before the Cold Temperatures

Be proactive and test the heating function of your system before the colder weather hits. Service companies do get overwhelmed with calls during the first cold snap because they did not test their system, after-hours or have the routine heater inspection completed. You can also avoid after-hours fees and the frustrating wait for parts by testing out your system before you need it.

Oh no! What is That Smell?

You may sense a burning smell the first time you turn on your heat after a long hot summer. Your house is most likely not on fire. Dust and debris will collect on the heater and will “burn off” the first time they kick on after being dormant all summer. Unnecessary calls to the fire department and diagnostic fees can be embarrassing. This is just another reason to check your heater and have a professional company perform an inspection and tune-up.

Be Reasonable with Your Thermostat Set Point

A recommended heating set point is 70 degrees. A setpoint above 70 degrees will lead to higher utility bills and lower humidity levels. Humidity levels below 30% can cause dry skin, itchy throat and nose, and other health issues.

Keep the Clutter Away from Your Equipment

The attic space in front of your furnace, or the section of the yard next to your heat pump can be the enticing spot to store stuff…but don’t do it. For the safe operation of your heating equipment, keep the space around these areas clear. Additionally, if you need to turn off the equipment due to an emergency or have it serviced, you do not want the added work of moving boxes of Christmas decorations.

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