If you need a new efficient cooling unit or you need AC repair or maintenance in Stone Oak, turn to Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company for all your HVAC needs. Like you, we know just how the weather can get in Stone Oak. Having an air conditioner that’s working properly can mean the difference between being comfortable at home with your family and being so hot you don’t even want to prepare a meal.

Experienced Technicians, You Can Trust

When it comes to having your air conditioning unit repaired, you can trust that Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company’s technicians are going to get the job done quickly and right the first time through. Because of this, they have been extensively trained on all brands of air conditioners on the market. This also helps to ensure that we don’t waste your time when we come to diagnose and repair your home’s air conditioner.

Since we know how valuable your time is to you, when a Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company technician shows up to your home, they will do so with a service truck that is fully equipped with the parts and tools needed to handle any ac repair in your home in Stone Oak might need. This allows us to diagnose and repair your problem not only on the same day but in one appointment.

Affordable & Fair Air Conditioning Repair

Unlike some other AC service companies who operate in Stone Oak, we offer a simple ac repair quote that will let you know exactly how much the work will cost. You don’t have to worry about any additional fees tacked on to the final bill and we will never add anything that you didn’t explicitly agree to. After diagnosing your air conditioning, we will discuss any problems that we find and provide you with all available solutions. Whatever you agree on is exactly what will get done, and we won’t pressure you into anything.

Before and after doing any work on your air conditioner, we take photos of the area and will email them to you along with the invoice. These photos show exactly what the technician fixed during the service visit and give you insight into what went into the repairs and maintenance.

Just like we know that your time is important to you, we know that staying within your budget is even more imperative. When you choose Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company, a faulty air conditioner doesn’t mean spending a ridiculous amount of money.

AC Replacement for Stone Oak Homes

If your current system has seen its final days and you need an AC replacement, we will be glad to help with that as well. We will answer any questions you might have during the decision and provide details about the power and efficiency of air conditioners to let you make the best decision for your home’s air conditioner. Normally, we can complete the installation of a new air conditioner in one or two days so your home can go back to being as cool and comfy.

To schedule an appointment to diagnose and repair your air conditioner, contact us online or by calling (210) 791-0778.