5 Things to Assess When Your Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

The furnace is blowing cold air

It’s the dreaded first cold day of the year. You eagerly turn on the heat only to find the furnace is blowing cold air. Before calling your HVAC repair service, assess these 5 things that could be causing your furnace to blow cold air.  What is the thermostat setting? The thermostat could have an incorrect … Read more

Are Home Warranties Worth The Cost?

are home warranties worth the cost?

It’s understandable that many people get anxious when it comes down to choosing whether or not to get a home warranty. People are often concerned about purchasing the right warranty, so you aren’t overpaying. But ultimately, they don’t want to purchase something that won’t actually offer the assistance they need, when they need it. If … Read more

Does Your Air System Prevent Air Pollutants?

air pollutants in air filters in San Antonio

When it comes to air quality, a lot of people know what they are breathing isn’t super safe with all the pollution and contaminants in the air. But did you know that breathing the air in your home isn’t that much safer? In fact, in most cases, the air quality in your home can be … Read more

Save Energy with a Smart Thermostat

Hand adjusting temperature on electric thermostatAn Air Authority client tests their new smart thermostat in San Antonio.

These days, new technology seems to be dropping at a rate that has never been seen before. The latest trend in the ecosystem is “Smart Technology”. It all started with the smartphone and has now made its way to there being “Smart Water Bottles”. These smart products all promise the same thing, a cheaper, more … Read more

Cost-Effective Ways to Cool Your SunRoom This Summer

woman standing at the window of her sunroom

Having a sunroom in your home is a luxury. Sunrooms are great places to relax, clear your mind, and even entertain your guests. What a lot of people don’t understand is that sunrooms come with a downside each summer. If you own a sunroom, you know that keeping it cool during the summertime is quite … Read more

What Size AC Do I Need for My Home?

AC unit fan- Size of AC

Whether you’re living in a tiny home or a large ranch, figuring out the right size AC unit can be a challenge. If you’re not familiar with AC jargon, words like BTU and ton can get confusing. To figure out how to cool your space effectively and with efficiency, let’s dive into a bit of … Read more

St Jude Dream Home Giveaway

st. jude dream home giveaway pro builder 2018 and 2019

We are excited about helping Evolutionary Homes build the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway house.  This will be a beautiful home built in Cresta Bella in northwest San Antonio, TX.  Tickets to win the home will be available this summer with proceeds going to St. Jude’s Hospital.  We are humbled to do our small part … Read more

The Value of Variable Speed AC Systems

person turning Ac down

What is the Value of Owning a Variable Speed AC System? Like most other products for your home, the technology for air conditioning systems has vastly improved over the last 10 years. The efficiency of systems have improved, thermostats have become smarter, and even the refrigerant has been updated to be more environmentally friendly.  One … Read more