When it comes to air quality, a lot of people know what they are breathing isn’t super safe with all the pollution and contaminants in the air. But did you know that breathing the air in your home isn’t that much safer? In fact, in most cases, the air quality in your home can be even worse than the air quality outside. There are, however, steps you can take to reduce bad air quality in your home.

How Bad Are Air Pollutants for Your Health?

To start this question off, there are around 7 million deaths each year around the world which are related to bad air quality. This statement in itself should already let you know how serious you should be taking the air quality in your home. The reason the air quality in your home can be much worse than outside is because of the things you are storing in your home. This can range from the glue that holds your carpet down, to the chemicals in the cleaning supplies that you are storing. All of these things added up together can produce some very harmful effects to your body that you don’t even realize are happening. On top of this, pollen and other pollutants are easily trapped in your home, this can cause humid conditions in your home which could allow mold to start growing in damp areas of your home.

How to Know If the Air Pollutants in Your Home Is Affecting Your Health

The bad thing about air quality and your health is that a lot of times you really can’t tell if there is anything negative going on in your body due to the air quality. There are some signs however that you can watch out for that can signify bad air quality in your home. If you are experiencing headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and irritation of the eyes and sinuses, this may be due to bad air quality in your home, and you should take some time to change out any filters in your heating or cooling system.

What You Can Do to Prevent Bad Air Quality in Your Home

The easiest way to prevent bad air quality in your home is by doing regular maintenance and filter changes on your central heating and air system. If you own an air conditioner or furnace, it is safe to get a check-up before any season when they will be in use for a while. Generally, the safest option is to change your air filters out once a month, depending on the season, but changing them every 2-3 months also isn’t bad.


The air quality in your home should be a very important factor when it comes to choosing a heating and cooling system as well as when it comes to how often you decide to change the filters on the systems. Since we are in our homes more than ever, it is important to do regular maintenance and checkups on all of your systems. Bad air quality isn’t an issue that you should be taken lightly. It won’t only affect you, but it will also affect anyone else living in your home and even any guests you may have over. If you are wondering if your air system is up-to-date or needs any maintenance, contact Air Authority, A Riteway Service Company to see how we can help!

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