AC Service San Antonio

Even if your air conditioner is not broken or you don’t suspect anything wrong with it, experts say that you should have it serviced at least once a year. This is to ensure the efficiency of your AC. Air Authority AC Service San Antonio offers all around HVAC service. You can call Air Authority LLC for air conditioner installment, repair, replacement, and maintenance.

Why the need for San Antonio AC services?

When your air conditioner runs, it collects dust and dirt. This is inevitable as it is part of how an AC system works. With time, if not cleaned and maintained, it’s going to affect your air conditioner’s efficiency. If you want to optimize the life span of your air conditioner, you must schedule a check up, have it cleaned and maintained. Your air filter must be constantly cleaned.

If your AC works efficiently, it will not cause a hike to your electric bill. Inefficient AC system can cause your electric bill to surge. This is a fact. If your air conditioner is also well maintained, you save yourself from damage. Prevention is better than repair, or worse, replacement. With proper maintenance, your AC unit can last a decade, more or less.

Why should I get a professional AC technician to do it?

Your air conditioner may seem simple and with the availability of DIYs on the internet, why not clean your AC unit yourself, right?

Actually, a professional technician does things differently. First and foremost, when you try and follow DIYs on the internet, there is a risk. It could be that the DIY you read is not applicable to the make and model of your AC unit. Also, your AC could have a problem that you do not know. You might, in the process of cleaning it yourself, do more damage unknowingly. There is also a possibility that you might get electrocuted or come into an accident. Professionals know how to do the job properly. Experts in Air Authority LLC are trained and have the experience and knowledge to diagnose your unit before doing anything. They know how to properly handle your AC unit, employing the best methods and using only quality tools and technology. It is not advisable to take matters on your own when you do not have HVAC handling experience.

When you avail of Air Authority AC Service, our technician will check the refrigerant and test it. There is a possibility that refrigerants leak, we have a leak detector to find out if such leak happened to your unit. Our team of experts will also check the ducts and coils. Basically, everything in your AC system will be checked. Everything must be working, if something is found to be problematic, solutions and alternatives will be made known to you, the client.

A tune up would last more or less just an hour. You can set a schedule with us by calling (210) 290-8270. You won’t be charged for calling. Ask us anything about your AC system, we are ready to help! Air Authority AC Service San Antonio is affordable and you are promised quality workmanship.